Carpet Cleaning Service

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Pre-instruction cleaning-before we arrive:

  • Please clear all areas to be cleaned if not vacating.
  • Open access to the nearest bathroom for our Carpet Cleaning equipment. To expedite the Carpet Cleaning process please pre-vacuum thoroughly.
  • Be sure to check with resident manager or security to notify them that you have a cleaner coming and reserve service vehicle parking if available.
  • If you are moving out, please do not disconnect the electricity or shut off the water heaters.

Post instruction cleaning-after we leave:

  • For Carpet Cleaning it is essential to allow good air circulation movement throughout carpet area for 4-6 hours, depending on weather conditions it may take up to 24 hours for carpet to be completely dry.
  • Highly recommended to turn on fans and air conditioners to expedite drying process.
  • Do not place furniture with wood or metal legs back on carpet until carpet is completely dry.
  • We also recommend using sliders under furniture legs to prevent carpet staining. Minimize foot traffic to prevent re-soiling.